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We are a locally-owned and operated business that provides high pressure cleaning services to the Perth area. Our dedication is to provide the highest quality of service in an honest, open and efficient manner.

We are dedicated to tailor each project to meet the specific needs of each individual customer.
We provide flexible scheduling and competitive pricing.
Our variety of services include high pressure cleaning, soft washing, and sealing.
We use quality power washing technology to ensure that all surfaces get cleaned to the highest standards.
We are fully insured and dedicated to helping you maintain the value of your property.

Did You Know

We Offer a Same Day Clean and Seal Service For Your Driveway

How We Work

Cleaning Services in a Nutshell

#1 Initial Assessment

Our professionals will inspect the condition of the surface to be washed to determine if it needs any kind of repair or maintenance prior to commencing the cleaning process.

#2 Concept and Feasibility

We will determine the different options of pressure and the cleaning solutions required, and assess the possible post-clean look of the surface. In some cases, resurfacing or repainting may present a better value proposition to the customer.

#3 Planning

Having decided on the exact nature of the pressure clean, we will determine the intricacies. This involves setting the exact date and time, staff composition, required machinery and all the other relevant details.

#4 Cleaning Stage

This is where the magic happens. Our professional techincial will prepare the surrounding areas and prime the surfaces for cleaning. Next, he will carefully operate the high pressure cleaner and blast away the dirt and grime.

#5 Finishing Touches

Depending on the type of the clean, surrounding areas, or in case of a roof clean, surrounding properties, might need a quick rinse. This phase ensures that 0 mess is left behind. Products like a sealing solution might also be applied.

#6 Feedback

At the end of every job comes the time when we seek approval of our work from the customer. We aim for excellency, striving to resolve any dissatisfaction in the quickest and most convenient manner possible.

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